A New Approach for Social Media ID Verification

Government-Side Identity Verification

  1. A user visits a website or application. They request to sign up. They simply click on a sign-in with government verification button.
  2. The service forwards the user to a government portal. This portal is secured and encrypted with high-level security.
  3. The Government Portal prompts the user for their identifying documents (license, ssn, etc.)
  4. The user enters their information and send it through a secure channel to the portal.
  5. The Government Portal processes the information. This could either be an instant process, or something that requires human verification to read. Ideally, the information could be immediately read and verified from a government database. Once complete, the portal sends a response to the service with either a confirmation or failure. If confirmed, a specialized token is granted to the service. This token allows for account verification in the future and is unique and only effective on the service.
  6. Upon receiving the token, the service continues as usual with account signup.

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Dylan Sapienza

Dylan Sapienza


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